About Lenka

Lenka Benesova RCST

Lenka is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist and Physio/Massage Therapist with over 20 years clinical experience. She trained as a Physiotherapist at the Medical College in Czech Republic, and specialised in Muscle Skeletal Medicine, which included advanced techniques in Therapeutic Massage.

After seven years of working in a busy Physiotherapy practice, dealing with clients with a lot of stress, tension, or muscular injuries, Lenka realized there are other levels beyond the physical body, that need to be addressed to resolve chronic problems. She then began her search for a therapy that works on the physical, mental and emotional levels. After a meditation retreat in Korea, she has the opportunity to experience power of the Craniosacral Therapy and was very excited to discover that this is a therapy she had been looking for.

As a regular equestrian Lenka has experienced Craniosacral work on her horse and was amazed at the difference in the balance and posture of the horse. This experienced deepened her interest in this work and in 2009 Lenka successfully completed two years of study at the Craniosacral Education Trust with Michael Kern in London.  After a few postgraduate courses she developed a special interest in trauma resolution and working with people in chronic pain. Many clients come to her after having tried various treatments in traditional medicine that did not bring the results they wish for. Working with biodynamic Craniosacral skills and being able to follow the intelligence of the body, has huge impact on her treatments.  This now allows her to specifically address the needs of each person and help to achieve more positive and long lasting results.

Craniosacral Therapy Qualifications

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy School (CTET) London
  • Trauma skills in Craniosacral Therapy – Franklyn Sills
  • The Holistic System – The Neuroendocrine-immune Response – Ged Summer
  • Visceral Intelligence – Michal Kern
  • The Body-Mind Continuum – Steve Haines
  • The Spine and Nerve flow – Steve Haines
  • Working with Babies, children and their Parents – Sheila Keen

Lenka is member of Craniosacral and also Complementary Therapist Association of the UK