Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, increasingly recognised for the depth of its influence, the comprehensive range of its therapeutic effects, and its ability to resolve issues that are not helped by other means.

What does Craniosacral Therapy treat?

Craniosacral Therapy works on many different levels. It influences the musculo-skeletal system, the nervous system, the cardio-vascular system, the immune system, the organs, the connective tissues, the fluids and the energy systems of the body.
Craniosacral Therapy treats people rather than conditions. It is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced state on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This underlying state of wellbeing enables the body’s own healing mechanisms to operate at an optimum level, and therefore enables the body to eliminate disease and restore health.
Our body tissues contract in response to physical knocks or emotional stress. Sometimes, particularly when the shock is severe or accompanied by strong emotions, the tissues stay contracted. Any trauma, stresses, strains or tensions which remain in the body restrict it’s functioning and may create problems over time.

Because it treats the whole person it can influence all conditions affecting the whole person or any part of the person. Craniosacral Therapy therefore has a very wide range of applications.

 How does it work?

Craniosacral Therapy involves a very gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands, both for diagnosis and for treatment. This light contact may be taken up on the cranium (the head), the sacrum (the tail-bone) or any other part of the body as appropriate, identifying subtle disturbances to the free motion of body tissues, the free circulation of body fluids, and the unrestricted flow of fundamental energy, potency, or vitality – the Breath of Life.

What does it involve?

Craniosacral Therapy is most often carried out with the client lying down, fully clothed in a quiet and peaceful environment. Treatment is usually experienced as a very profound relaxation which may affect the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally, often accompanied by a feeling of lightness and ease.


Lenka has helped me tremendously. Following knee realignment surgery which moved the location of my patella more than a centimetre, I had a very slow recovery. After 18 months of trying physiotherapy, my quads were rock solid with knots and I still had very little muscle strength. I initially went to Lenka for trigger point therapy massage to release the tension in my legs. She worked very accurately on the chains of trigger points and my muscles improved dramatically with just three sessions. She recommended cranio as a compliment to the massage. I was skeptical that such a gentle therapy could make an impact, but the change was amazing. As Lenka worked on various points on my legs and back, I was able to reconnect with my leg and release tension in deeper tissues which I had held since the surgery. My leg became more settled, more comfortable when still, and I even slept more easily. Emotionally, it helped me to make sense of the changes in my bone structure and to accept the new location of my kneecap. I am thankful for her work, and looking forward to her helping me again when I have the other leg fixed too!    Lucy